Chemical Strengthening

Four Point Strength Test
Four Point Strength Test

Starting in the mid 1960's AGP was one of the first to take chemical strengthening technology out of the laboratory and into commercial markets. This included small appliance glass and components necessary for the production of large scale desalinization membranes. Through chemical ion exchange, this process enriches the outer surface of the glass with heavier ions resulting in a high surface compression layer on the glass and therefore increasing the nominal impact strength by roughly 3x to 5x times ordinary annealed glass. Chemical strengthening is an economical process and is especially well suited for thin glass, curved or shaped glass that cannot be thermally tempered.

  • Increased Strength 3 to 5 times.
  • Ideal for:
    • Thin Glass
    • Curved Glass
    • Shaped Glass
  • No Roller Wave
  • No Optical Distortion
  • Economical