Embedded Wire

Unlike other technologies, our unique wire embedding process results in a more secure bond between the fine wire filaments and the interlayer substrate. It is this high performance bond that makes our wire embedded interlayers well suited for international transport to world laminators without degradation of the filaments. AGP's unlaminated interlayers are robust, reliable and flat and are ready for trouble free lamination between glass.

AGP Plastics is a world leader in fine wire embedded interlayers and one of few companies to offer the unlaminated heated interlayers to customers. Our strength is in our superb embedding technology that produces a reliable, durable and flat heated interlayer, ready for trouble free laminating. All of our interlayers are produced in our environmentally controlled clean room, fully tested and inspected before shipping to insure that you the customer receive only the highest quality product.

Advantages of AGP wire embedded interlayers

  • Uniform heat distribution even in odd shaped pieces
  • Fine wire is invisible to the operators eye
  • Design flexibility to closer tolerances than metalized pyrolytic coatings
  • Ability to heat a small specific area of a larger part
  • Reliability
  • AGP interlayers are robust enough to be handled in the ordinary laminating production line
  • Computerized design modeling
  • Variety of substrates available (PVB, Urethane, Noviflex®)
  • Choice of special alloy wires
  • Conforms distortion free into deep sag automotive parts
  • Models available for nip roller pre-pressing or vacuum de-airing

Capabilities of AGP embedded wire

  • Power Density: 0.06 - 4.9 Watts/square inch (1.0 - 76 Watts/dm2)
  • Voltage: 12, 24, 48, 74, 110/240, 380, 480 Volts and others (AC or DC) (single phase and 3 phase)
  • Wire Thickness: 12 µm - 72 µm tungsten
  • 41 AWG to 28 AWG copper (including insulated wire filaments)
  • Wire Spacing: as close as 0.6 mm
  • Sensors including fine wire thermocouples and thin profile RTD sensors


Inductive Rain Sensor
Inductive Rain Sensor
RTD thermal sensing array for aircraft transparency
RTD thermal sensing array for aircraft transparency